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Novels by Michael botz

Chatsworth Royalty

Jana Simmons read of the Midwest massacre and learns that her cousin Jake Wood was involved. She reaches out and he reveals his survivor’s guilt and the downward spiral of depression that has left him haunted. To remove Jake from the surrounding madness of the catastrophe, Jana invites him to visit her in Los Angeles. When he arrives, Jana is nowhere to be found.

It makes zero sense. As one day passes into two, Jake begins to fear the worst. With the police unconcerned, Jake along with Jana’s best friend, Laurie Summers, commence a frantic search for the missing girl’s whereabouts.

Chatsworth Royalty is an adventure-romance that is heartbreaking and hopeful. It’s a page-turning mystery that will be difficult to set aside and impossible to forget.

Personal Reasons

San Diego Detective Leonard Diggs and his dimwitted partner John Stall crack the case of a lifetime. While Stall’s career takes on an unfathomable trajectory, Diggs is pulled deeper into the mystery that has consumed his life:  The brutal cold-case murder of his mother.

An out of the blue telephone call from Diggs’ long estranged sister offers potential leads and perhaps a happy reunion, but Diggs’ sister is an enigma and locating her is tangled with criminal impropriety. Regrettable choices and a decades old murder snake through innate sibling loyalty, leading Diggs to an unforeseen destiny.

“Botz’s complex plot is brimming with action and intrigue…” – Kirkus Reviews